THE LIGHTHOUSE    (Abovoice-1021)

NIKLAS WINTER (FIN) – GUITAR   LORENZO COMINOLI (IT) – GUITAR.  Special guest: Jesper Bodilsen (DK) – double bass.



June and the beginning of July was busy with touring in 5 countries.

In August I will continue doing concerts after a short break now in July when I try to focus on writing new material for different projects.

In August I will do public performances at the Night of the Arts in Turku on the 11.8 and at the Turku Music Festival on the 27.8. I will also visit Riga and the great M/Darbnica Club again on the 26th of August, this time with Lorenzo Cominoli on guitar.

In the fall I will be playing in in the USA, Denmark and Italy and hopefully in many other countries too. Naturally also in Finland with the release of a new album and a book consisting of my arrangements of medieval music.

Have a great summer!