Another Way Home 2017 ( Abovoice-1019 )


Personnel: Annika Cleo – vocals, Niklas Winter – guitars, Max de Aloe – chromatic harmonica, Mikko Gunu Karjalainen – trumpet&fluegelhorn, Ulf Krokfors – bass.
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On the 19th 0f August 2017 the  CD ’Another Way Home’ was released. It’s a vocal jazz record that I’m very proud of. Please check it out!


The CD recording session with Danish saxophonist Emil Hess and Austin based drummer Richard Huntley went really well. I’ looking forward to the post production process. This CD will come out latest in September 2018 on the Abovoice label. Here’s a short clip from one of our gigs from February:

In early April I will continue my collaboration with the dutch guitarist Jesse Van Ruller. Looking very forward to this.Here’s a clip from one of our gigs two years ago:

In June I will tour in Italy with the Max De Aloe Baltic Trio and in Japan with Emil Hess and a bunch of other Japanese musicians. I’ll get back to this when I get more details.

In July I’ll do gigs in Finland and in Denmark. Looking very much forward to my Turku Music Festival concert with Max De Aloe Trio at the Turku Cathedral.