On the 24th of May, Max de Aloe’s Baltic Trio’s new CD ’Valo’ will be released in Monza, Italy, where we also do a concert at the Monza Cathedral.

In June I will do a 9 concert long tour in Japan with Danish saxophonist Emil Hess and with Japanese guitarist Suomi Morishita and others. In June, I’ll do more gigs in Italy with Max De Aloe Baltic Trio.

Looking forward to perform at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in July with Hess Möller Seven Seas Orchestra. I will do a ten minute composition for this special concert along with others from the band.

In August I will finally release the new album ’Another Way Home’ (Abovoice-1019) with singer Annika Cleo. We will do some release gigs at least in Helsinki and in Turku.

I’ll get back to you with more news!