Niklas Winter is a finnish jazzguitarist and teacher. Winter has made 6 records as a leader and has been active as a sideman in several projects. He also runs his own jazzlabel Abovoice.

Winter has a fresh, modern sound. This is original and very exciting music and Niklas Winter Quartet has surely been a great experience at many festivals. Tor Hammerø /Jazznyt (Norway)

Winter is a true sophisticated original on the guitar in Finland. Timo Vähäsilta /Rytmi (Finland)

Niklas Winter’s poetic playing shows great knowledge of improvisational skills. Jörgen Östberg /Orkester Journalen (Sweden)

” In Winter’s playing listener can hear plainness and intelligence. Winter’s improvisations and harmonies look back to the history of jazz but also expresses the atmosphere of today.”Hiroki Sugita/Jazz Life (Japan)

Trust in fact, was key, as was a fundamental sense of good time. Without a drummer or a bassist, and with the two guitarists sometimes dissolving into spare sections where time was, at best, suggested, it became even more essential that the two could internalize that time and know where it was, without it being explicitly there. It’s in the context of the duo that an artist is at his/her most exposed; not only are their abilities, instincts and improvisational élan laid bare, but their communication skills—or lack thereof—are impossible to disguise. Viinikainen and Winter needn’t have worried, as it was clear, from their Tampere Jazz Happening performance, that this was a duo communicating at a very deep level, playing relatively quiet music that was, nevertheless, thoroughly captivating.




14.8 Hus Lindman, Turku.


Niklas Winter solo!


15.8 Tiirikkala, Turku.


Niklas Winter & Severi Pyysalo on vibraphone. Standard and original tunes!


13.11 Malmitalo, Helsinki.


Niklas Winter & Severi Pyysalo & Jesper Bodilsen Trio. Record release!


26.11 Sibeliusmuseo, Turku.


Niklas Winter with Jesse Van Ruller on guitar.


I’m happy about all the musical memories I have from the past summer. With performances in festivals and Cathedrals with musicians coming from the jazz world and the classical. I have been a part in many projects and happily many of them will continue after the summer.

In the fall I’m especially looking forward to the record session with Severi Pyysalo and Jesper Bodilsen. The album will be released in November 2014. This Trio is one of my favourites with my favourite musicians around.

The concert I did in the Turku Cathedral on the 27th of June will have a continuation. For this concert I arranged old music from the Graduale Aboense song book dating back to the medieval times. Looking forward to perform with the great brittish trumpeter Henry Lowther again.

I’ll get back shortly about all the other stuff going on this fall shortly . See you then!